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Before we dive into the kit contents, we hope you enjoy these few moments of inspiration! Watch how other high caliber professionals such as yourself are unleashing their brilliance into the world. Enjoy!

Why You Need The Speaker Success Kit™

Want to create a potentially lucrative additional income stream and get booked consistently as a paid speaker? There are some must have tools and important details to consider. Good news! You don't have to figure it out alone. Here is why you should consider letting us help you...

This is perfect for you…

  • If you want to create an additional income stream that can earn you anywhere from $1,000-$15,000 per month as your experience level grows.

  • If you want the initial tools to get started showcasing your credibility as a professional speaker.

  • If you want a proven framework for making it easier to secure speaking engagements with what to do, and what to say, in your next conversation with an event planning decision maker. 

Important facts to consider…

If you are an industry expert...

Not only can you create an additional lucrative income stream as a paid speaker, but it also positions you as the authority on a subject within your niche. This will help you create a competitive edge to attract your target audience while staying top of mind!

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If you are an employee...

As an employee, developing yourself as a professional speaker can help position you as a stronger leader to either earn promotions and/or attract career opportunities with higher earning potential.

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If you are a consultant...

As a consultant, becoming a professional speaker can create greater awareness around your community, products, services, and/or published books.

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Inside The Speaker Success Kit™

Speak Up & Stand Out Masterclass

Meet Rebecca Chalson With 15 years of business development and leadership experience, Rebecca has mastered personal branding and networking. She has been recognized for her thought leadership and consulting with various awards, including a mention in Forbes. Her expertise has led to speaking engagements at various conferences and organizations. As Owner of the digital marketing company Create Your Potential LLC, Founder of, and Creator of The Professional Brilliance Formula™, she helps turn industry experts into highly esteemed paid speakers and consultants.

The Speaker Success Kit™ includes exclusive access to Rebecca's one hour (pre-recorded) signature training, Speak Up & Stand Out.

Don't miss out—harness the strategies for a lucrative speaking career!

Included Training Topics:

  • Showcasing your credibility

  • Determining your fee

  • Optimizing your Linkedin profile

  • Generating leads systematically

  • Conducting discovery calls

  • Securing speaking gigs

One Hour Strategy Session

It can be challenging to know what to write in regards to your bio, credibility, speaking topics, as well as determine your fees. These are all important details to have in place. Personal Branding Strategist, Rebecca Chalson, will help you uncover and articulate your unique value proposition, up to 3 speaking topics, as well as your next steps to position yourself as a paid speaker and engage decision makers.

Done For You Speaker One Sheet

The Speaker One Sheet is what all successful paid speakers have in order to showcase their credibility and charge premium fees. This professionally designed PDF download will be what you share with decision makers to secure speaking engagements. Includes your bio, speaking topics, contact info, and more. We will design this to be personalized to fit your unique personal brand. See a selection of samples HERE.

Done For You Contract

We will provide you with a template contract that delivers your value offering in the most efficient and compelling way possible. Provides a sample for how you can bundle your consulting services to maximize your earning potential. It also includes important language and guidelines to be as efficient as possible.

Done For You Email Templates

We will provide you with a series of intro emails as well as follow up email templates to effectively engage decision makers. 

How To Guides To Support Your Success

Learn best practices for conducting an effective "Discovery Call", sending a proposal, and Leveraging Linkedin.

Linkedin Profile Boost - Personalized Audit

We will provide a personalized Linkedin profile audit highlighting recommendations to optimize your lead generation efforts as a public speaker.

Ebook & Checklist Sharing Effective Paid Speaking Strategies

This is a 34 Page Ebook "How To Become A Paid Speaker", with an accompanying checklist sharing top strategies for getting booked consistently.

NEXT STEPS | Ready to hit the ground running as a paid speaker?

During this 30 minute zoom meeting, we will not only answer your questions regarding the Speaker Success Kit™, but we will also provide strategy suggestions to help you book more speaking engagements. Thus, regardless of whether or not you choose to work with us, we guarantee this strategy session will be well worth your time! Sessions tend to book up fast, so claim yours today.

Client Spotlight: Vince Papale

Watch this 5 minute video to learn how we've

helped create the SPARK for our clients...

The Professional Brilliance Formula:

S.P.A.R.K. Your Inner Genius™

Spotlight Credibility: Develop a personal brand that showcases your expertise and credibility.

Package Offerings: Bundle your services with an effective pricing strategy.

Amplify Insights: Provide thought leadership and training programs that engage your target audience.

Raise Awareness: Implement effective online and offline marketing strategies.

Keep Shining: Create habits and systems that contribute to consistency and growth.

Ready to spark your inner genius?

Frequently Asked Questions


How will I receive the contents in my package?

Once purchased, you will receive a confirmation email with next steps. You will be granted access to a dashboard with the ability to download package contents right away and at any time.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the nature of this package featuring instant access to on demand downloadable content, we cannot offer refunds.


What can I expect with my Speaker Sheet?

Click HERE for a samples. You will have access to an online onboarding module with a form to order your Speaker One Sheet design. You will also be prompted to schedule your first strategy session, where we will discuss ways to highlight your credibility. It generally takes about 1-3 weeks to receive the final design due to high demand.

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